I was recently reminded of why this job is so unique and special. I was called to a terminally ill patient who needed pain control. This patient had an advanced directive stating his wishes not to be resuscitated when his body finally failed him. As I was preparing my medication my patient went unconscious. I didn’t think he would wake up but after a few minutes he did and the conversation we had at that moment is why this job is so special.

My patient said it was a beautiful feeling to just slip away, he thought he was dying. He then pleaded with me not to try any resuscitation efforts if it happened again. A few months prior he died in the emergency room and was brought back, he told me he’s in constant pain and he’s ready to leave this world. Conversations don’t get more real than that. Speaking with a dying man near the moment of his death really puts everything else in perspective. What other profession allows for such a connection with your fellow man.

Stay safe everyone and remind yourself of all the good we’re doing.


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